Grateful to see so much solidarity on the streets of my small town supporting the fight against racial injustice, police brutality, and systemic racism that affects all of us, whether some want to believe it or not. While there was almost no media coverage of it in our local paper (even though there have been daily protests in this and other locations with hundreds showing up at Saturday’s…the Astorian is sadly owned by the ultra-conservative East Oregonian on the other side of the state), people are getting the word out on Nextdoor and other outlets to ensure everyone who wants to have a voice has one. I’m disgusted by the websites that call these all ‘riots’ when there are small groups behaving badly with the majority (i.e., millions) peacefully protesting. I’m disgusted (not surprised, just disgusted) by the number of non-Black individuals who think it’s okay to tell Blacks how they should protest (usually those who won’t bother to stand up and actively advocate for justice themselves), and – as has been going on forever – the too large of numbers of folks who loudly exclaim “I’m not a racist” while simultaneously using the “racism goes both ways” and “a few bad apples” and “this doesn’t happen in my neighborhood/city/country”. For those non-Black individuals who want to do more than protest (real action, not just ‘hashtag activism’, is essential), and learn more about what they can do and about the history of white privilege and racial injustice, check out the 21-Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge and 75 Things White People Can Do For Racial Justice. In addition, learn about how qualified immunity is part of the massive accountability problem when it comes to law enforcement policies nationwide surrounding police brutality and other forms of misconduct. As someone said the other day on public radio, it’s not the system that is broken – rather, the system is working exactly how it is designed…which is why rebuilding – not ‘fixing’ – is so key.

Grateful to have the sweetest and funniest dog by our side, whether it be on the beach, scampering around our pasture-turned-meadow, or watching her find a pillow on the sofa and make it her own on long lazy afternoons. Love this pup 🙂


Grateful to be married to this guy who likes to go out to our garden and pick me bouquets that rival that of the best florists. (Yeah, I had to photograph it this time of him coming in from our front flower garden as solid evidence!)


So very grateful for the ability to bake regularly at home. This is the delicious challah I made a few days ago that we inhaled, full of eggy goodness 🙂

Grateful for our bees who are, despite the crazy spring weather here on the coast that gave us a few days in the 70s then stuck us back in the low 60’s for a solid week, are building comb and laying eggs and so busy that we were able to get their honey supers added on, with hopes we can do a harvest by July. For those unfamiliar with beekeeping, especially in cooler regions, July is when you have to start thinking about…winter. Yep. Post-harvest, we’ll be treating the hives with a new mite protection strategy to see if that keeps them safe this year from colony collapse (we lost both hives last year). They are a joy to watch on our flowers and as they come in for a landing with their little saddlebags of pollen, and we hope we can protect them for the long haul!

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