I’m grateful to see things beginning to bloom in our garden (clockwise from top left: daikon radish, braeburn apple tree, bay leaf, rhododendron)

I’m grateful to be able to grow many of our own edibles, from fruits to veggies to herbs and more (clockwise from top left: garlic, spinach, blueberries, rhubarb).

I’m grateful that we’ve got the space where we could build our own clothesline (hanging clothes is a form of relaxation for me, can’t explain why) and save $$ on electricity, as well as collect water in our giant cistern which ensures our garden and ducks and chickens all are taken care of courtesy of Mother Nature’s rainfall.

And I’m so grateful to have this sweet old dog of ours who will go out into the rain for walks with me just to keep me company when my husband’s at work (even though she’d usually rather be napping), who makes me smile when she follows every ray of sunshine that comes through the windows so she can bask in it, and who relentlessly cuddles – and snores like an old man while doing so – next to us every night on the sofa while we read, play games, or watch movies before going to bed.