After a sudden and severe limp that did not subside, the vet let us know that our sweet old girl has a fully torn ACL. We're not sure how it happened, as being out here on the farm she gets a lot of independence to wander about while we're tending to the garden, etc. She is 14 and surgery just is not an option at that age, not to mention the $5K price tag to buy her a year at best is impossible for us. So we are making her as comfortable as we can, until we can make that decision to help her into the afterlife. It's the hardest part of being a pet owner, and as a couple who have adopted older dogs before, the short amount of time you get with senior dogs (we've only had our girl a bit under 2 years) makes it even more difficult. So we're making sure she's warm, she's as comfortable as she can be, and will be making the decision sooner rather than later it seems.

This is what a quarter pound of home grown cayenne and serrano peppers looks like after they are chopped into 1/8" slices, tossed into the dehydrator, then pulsed a few times in the spice grinder to make our very own "red" pepper flakes! I didn't have the patience to let them all finish turning red, and with that, the bonus is they are much more colorful! I'd have made more, but husband's need to have two kinds of hot sauce in the house once again meant the other 2 lbs of chilies we harvested this year were already accounted for. Not bad though for growing these on the coast, I gotta say! (Thanks to Dorky Little Homestead for the blog-spiration, by the way!)

Whoop whoop! We just dropped off our ballots in the box downtown this weekend. With the short amount of time until election day, and the postal service being slower than average, we decided to drop them off at the county elections office instead of leaving them in the mailbox. I have never missed an election in my life, and while he voted in the locals, this was my husband's first Presidential election since becoming a citizen in 2018. After having to listen to the orange creep's BS on video at his swearing in ceremony, he was glad - as was I - to vote BLUE! I've never understood the apathy towards voting as I was always excited to vote ever since I turned 18 and voted for Clinton decades ago, back before Oregon went 100% by-mail. In my husband's home country, election day is treated with much more respect - and fanfare (as exemplified by the traditional sausage sizzle) - than it is here in America. Compulsory voting is revered and seen as a no-brainer, kind of like universal healthcare. While my husband's home country has some scary issues I don't want to get into in this post, I will say, they've got voting down pat, and that's worth calling out.

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