Guest Post: You were talking in your sleep (2014)

Written by my husband around the time we got engaged back in early 2014…

You were talking again last night…

in your sleep y’know?

last night you were talking…

I open one eye and see you propped up

on your elbow looking at me

so I open my other eye and look back

at you

good grief..again?

you grin and shake your head

then look serious..

did you talk back to me?

did we…converse?


we talked

I talked to you

well…tell me, what did we talk about

I don’t remember…

we talked about


that’s what we talked about…


you asked me if I

knew about it

you asked me if I

knew about love…and I said I did

I mean I do…then you said

you knew as well…

you said you knew about love

you really don’t remember?

No…my cheeks redden

you rest your hand on my chest and say

its okay honey…

you also said something else as you drifted back to sleep…

was it bad?

what did I say?

no it was not bad…

I remember clearly what you said…

you said

hold my hand when we walk that path

and I will hold




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