hallelujah it’s over…

and i’m leaving, going back to my own reality and away from a shining example of american embarrassment – las vegas. walking out of the great restaurant off-strip that i enjoyed, it was a dismal end to see garbage cans full of bottles at the bar because they chose not to recycle. my friend took me to fremont street and the cowboy is gone, replaced by this terrible ceiling of lights and animation and video. and i wanted to throw up. visibly disturbed. and to top it off, to go see this we walked through the golden nugget casino which was so riddled with smoke and poorly ventilated that me, a girl who used to smoke, was gagging with the air in only a few minutes. my clothes suddenly smelled like i’d been in a club all night – and we were in and out in 5 minutes. slot machines and soulless faces and lack of life in everything around me, it was, as a friend described, ‘grotesque’. las vegas is another version of sarah palin – i.e., everything that is wrong with america.

but despite this, i did have some positive experiences sprinkled in the week. whenever things happen it is important for me to think of the things that were good – the moments that made me laugh. so that would be: * giggling in the back row with my classmates in crime * great dinners with my old friend * laughing inappropriately (i can’t seem to stop at times…) at the restaurant * shooting the breeze with our waitress at rosemary’s – i swear we were separated at birth * cool morning walks to get my balance back each morning before class * catching up with a colleague and learning some interesting tidbits

and of course, just the fact that i get to have these experiences under the guise of work. i get to continue writing on my blog, taking photographs, tasting great (and not so great) food. and just as important – paying my mortgage. pretty cool.


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