there’s a wish i made long ago when the stars were young and the moon was old, that wish that sat on the ledge of the window and made me dream of blue nights and restless winds.  there was a love and a light and a sound inside my soul that could never be captured by anything other than the way you might look over at me.  i wasn’t quite sure where we were or the color of the sky above us but i knew that there was the smell of fire and the whispering of a voice i’d never heard before.  sometimes i think it was the taste of tequila and other times i knew that it was a memory of somewhere i’d never traveled, gladly beyond…i could hear ee cummings and i laughed out loud, thinking of the days i’d spent worrying and wondering.  who ever could have learned at the moment of inception that there was a horizon out there and who ever could have sensed that little smile that hung back for so many years was sitting there on the verge, ready and willing.  there’s a wish i made once that involved a little girl and the sea was simple and calm.  i hugged my knees to me closer and felt the time burning a hole in my hands.  i looked down and remembered.  and it was okay, because i was healed.


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