Homemade Skin & Body Care: 3 Favorite Recipes

“Is there a DIY version?”

Whenever I want to buy something nowadays, this is the question I ask myself. In particular, products that are overly processed, overly priced, and/or overly packaged are my biggest targets. I’m doing internet searches and Pinterest forays to find not only ways to DIY, but to save money and be more environmentally responsible. Packaging has always been a significant frustration for me, and when I find something that only is sold in plastic, that’s where I really dig in.

For those who don’t understand the myth of recycling plastic: Plastic can only be DOWNcycled, not REcycled, meaning you can’t turn one plastic bottle into another (rather, it’s downcycled into a non-recyclable product…like fleece. In addition, most countries do next to nothing to find things to do with it – and if they do, it takes vast amounts of energy to do it, compared to simply using …not to mention all plastic comes from fossil fuels. These days, I find myself wandering through grocery stores, both big box and ‘natural’ and my mind is blown at how much plastic we are surrounded by. Just the other day I was in the “natural” section of Fred Meyer and every item in the skincare area was in plastic, including individually-wrapped/single-use items. Vast hypocrisy.

So with that, here are three of my favorite skin/body care recipes that I love (and please know, my husband loves them – and mixes these potions up – as much as I do – this is not a “girlie” thing), all with easy to procure ingredients that are easy to come by even in smaller towns like ours!

HAND SOAP / BODY WASH * 3/4 cup Dr Bronner’s castille soap * 3/4 cup honey (local, of course! also often found in bulk aisles at natural grocery stores) * 1/4 cup castor oil (found in the health food/vitamin section of most major grocers) * 1/4 cup organic olive oil (we buy ours from the bulk aisle and refill our container) * 20 drops of your favorite essential oil (I am digging orange these days…)

BODY BUTTER * 3/4 cup beef or lamb tallow, melted (ask your butcher for fat and they’ll often just give it to you, and find rendering directions online) * 1 overflowing tbsp organic olive oil * 20-30 drops of your favorite essential oil

DIY DEODORANT * 6 tbsp organic coconut oil * 4 tbsp baking soda * 4 tbsp arrowroot powder or cornstarch * 6-10 drops of your favorite essential oil (lavender is great for pits!)

NOTE: Just about everything we make is ultimately stored in a canning jar or reusing a groovy looking small, shallow glass jar, like the ones that hold fancy condiments. 🙂

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