Honeymoon Happies: Lake Quinault

After our honeymoon kicked off in Astoria, we headed north on Highway 101 and through the forest and along sections of the Washington Coast. What a gorgeous drive! Hard to believe I grew up in the Northwest and had never driven this section of 101. Plenty of spots along the way we’d like to escape to in the future. Anyhow, our next destination was Lake Quinault, on the edge of Olympic National Park

We booked a few days at Lake Quinault Lodge, right on the lake with a great private view, fireplace (not that we needed it – it was great weather!), and hiking trails nearby.

Before we even checked in we hit the first trail, eager to being absorbed in the towering temperate rainforest .

Yes the trees were seriously big I tell ya!

Dude, this is a tree trunk. We were in awe.

Along with the big trees there were beautiful marshy patches as well. So peaceful for a morning walk!

The lake was gorgeous. Honeymooning outside of the regular tourist season, with kids back in school, meant we had so much more quiet than if we’d done this back in May!

A bit of a walk to the other end of the lake from where we were staying, but well worth it to watch the sun set outside of the restaurant at the Rain Forest Resort.

Peeking through the trees at dusk near the vacation rental cabins – definitely on our to-do list to get one of these for a week next time we come here!

One of our days involved hiking the 4-mile Rain Forest Loop, with lots of creeks and waterfalls along the way.

Learned the term “nurse log” while hiking and while this is more of a “nurse trunk”, it’s still way cool. Love how we just got lost and awestruck in this natural beauty!

And standing atop a trunk, husband gets me grinning. Definitely one of the highlights of the trip was walking together in the forest. Bliss 🙂

One of my favorite pictures of my sweetheart on this trip. We found a little path between two boarded up cabins and this little stretch onto the lake just before the sun set. More bliss 🙂

Lake Quinault was definitely a gorgeous discovery for us that goes in our “hell yes we’ll be renting a summer cabin here in the future!” bucket list!


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