Honeymoon Happies: Orcas Island

After an awesome first few days, we headed to Port Townsend to catch a ferry, drive to Anacortes, and catch another ferry to the San Juan Islands, with the lovely Orcas Island being our destination, as per many a recommendation we received back in the spring. It was my first time driving a car onto a ferry – we had rented a little economy Toyota for the road trip, and unfortunately our resort was so far from the ferry (and town), and there was no shuttle, we actually did more driving on this island than we did on any of our other stops on our honeymoon. Kind of odd and for us car-free folks, pretty tiring! But it was a pretty place to explore…

On the ferry leaving Port Townsend…pretty pretty!

Waiting in the sunshine for the ferry in Anacortes  perfect weather!

Our room was the Roundhouse Suite at the Rosario Resort, which when it was still the Moran Mansion, was the children’s play house. We were extraordinarily disappointed at the poor service and somewhat dilapidated quality of, well, everything at the resort. If they just focused on great service and cleaned stuff up a bit, they could charge even more. But that being said, we enjoyed having the increased privacy and the amazing view.

Our suite on the cliff and looking down at the seals and birds. I highly recommend traveling in the off season when there are less people – I would have gone berserk if this would have been full of tourists!

Being that I no longer know how to truly sleep in, I got up extra early once to catch the sunrise from our suite’s patio while the husband was still asleep. So worth it!

On a gluten holiday, we went to Brown Bear Baking that was so good we went three times during our stay!!! Awesome people and an insanely good savory scones!

Happy honeymooners 🙂

A bit of quiet time after breakfast in town over at the Crescent Beach Preserve.

Did a lot of hikes while we on Orcas Island, most pretty quiet but this one was a short, more tourist-infested walk at Moran State Park to view the islands from above. Meh.

One of the best meals of our honeymoon was had at the Inn at Ship Bay, with a serious focus on farm-to-table eatin’. It was recommended to us by a couple we met on a walk who had been married 45 years 🙂 And the amazing view from the farm?  That’s the picture I posted in my Honeymoon Snippet post!

After our sailboat charter that we reserved forgot to pick us up, the good folks at Deer Harbor Charters more than made up for their error by giving us a complimentary whale watching tour. This of course is my photo-bombing hubby as we took off into the waters on their boat.

Definitely the most perfect day ever to be out on the water – not too hot, not too cool, not too crowded! We were blissin’ out.

Deer on one of the island we passed on the way to see the orca whales.

We saw so many whales!!! Dan & I were both so emotional watching them and the chance to see orcas in the wild should be on everyone’s bucket list. Even if you’ve not seen Blackfish, you’ll know that they are NOT meant to be trapped at Sea World, where a director resigned and once seeing orcas in the wild, admitted to the charter company that the only reason the animals seemed “happy” in captivity was because they were drugged.

these ones were from a transient pod of orcas…the naturalist on board was familiar with each pod, telling us about the resident orcas versus the transients and their ages, behavior patterns, etc.

Ok just one more, because every time I saw one I squealed with joy 🙂

Indian Island, across from where we ate a *scrumptious* meal at the New Leaf Cafe.

Our quiet walks along the water were my favorite, capturing little images like this.

Dusk on Orcas Island.

Early morning on our final day at Orcas Island. While we wouldn’t return to the resort we stayed at, we agreed we’d love to stay somewhere else on the island as the slower pace suited us well.


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