How to Remodel a Half-Bath…in Just One Week!


Hey y’all! Hope you are enjoying the holiday week!

So, after our recent Master Bathroom renovation was complete, my brain quickly switched to “what’s next?!” mode, looking to cross another project off our Big Giant To-Do List yet in a way that was much, much more economical.

The decision was easy: the half bath.

Oh how I wish I had ‘before’ pictures to show you of our half-bath…but imagine this: seriously bright kelly green walls, ecru and pale pink vinyl flooring, tacky reverse quarter-round poorly installed as a sub for ceiling trim, and – of course – a faux ‘country oak’ corner cabinet with an ecru sink partially painted blue, and an old ugly faucet. The only good parts? Our dual-flush toilet that Dan installed when we first moved in (a big priority for us at move-in was to have water-saving toilets…and besides, it was only $99 at the big box store!), the decent corner-mount medicine cabinet that came with the house, and the brand new window we installed in the spring.

So I did some homework, and found some things we could do fairly inexpensively to make what was once ugly into something both attractive and that embraced our eco sensibilities…not to mention make it way more guest friendly!

  1. We tested a few paint colors out on the walls, and Dan fell in love with the zero-VOC paint in Charcoal Blue (I love how it has a bit of a lilac sheen without being straight-up purple!), and that really kicked things off.

  2. I loved the simple yet lovely pine moulding we used in the master bathroom (we refuse to do MDF or vinyl, and found that ordering from the big box store’s website opens up a plethora of wood moulding options not found in-store, woo hoo!), and because we had leftovers, just had to buy one piece of that from the big box store.

  3. Husband and I dug the art deco-esque feel of this corner pedestal sink so I splurged on an equally geometric Symmons WaterSense faucet.

  4. But the biggest deal – for me anyways – was the flooring. We’d first looked for remnant linoleum (I did not want to learn to tile!) at a couple local retailers and were unsuccessful, then I realized that Marmoleum click flooring in Volcanic Ash would be perfect for this! The click tiles aren’t recommended for ‘high water’ areas like showers, but since this is a half bath that’s barely used…and has neither a tub nor a shower? Not an issue. Because there was already a surface above the subfloor and these have cork backing, there was literally no prep beyond quickly yanking up the 4×6 piece of old vinyl tile, and having my husband pull out the toilet and temporarily plug it while I clicked it into place (and he cut the end pieces we needed to fit with a regular jigsaw – easy peasy!). A bit of caulk when reinstalling the floor trim and…voila!

  5. PS – Art: The water lilies photograph I took in Daylesford, Victoria, Australia with my husband back in 2013 before we were married, in a frame I’ve had for decades, and I thought it fit like a charm with the now-soothing vibe of the guest bath.

There are a couple of small things I’d like to do (aren’t there always?), like a small set of shelves for TP and perhaps a little sedum or two, but other than that, the part that took the longest was simply getting our plumber in to rough in the plumbing (it’s different when installing a pedestal than with a regular sink where plumbing can be a bit more willy-nilly since it’s hidden under a cabinet) then back to install it after we patched the drywall and put in the floor. Human Hours Invested? Less than a week, y’all!

Now I can’t say the same for the final bathroom remodel on our main floor in 2020, but hey it was sure nice to have one quick win after a long year of building our master bathroom!


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