integration – post Mexico

home for just a few days and am quietly feeling the effects of transformation caused by a new journey. while my body moves quickly back into the mode of work, my mind continues to work at a slower pace. i did not even realize that i’d gone 10 days without television or internet. my body immediately went into upheaval when i reintroduced certain processed foods. and my self struggles to readapt to the chill of winter. my trip to barra de potosi resembled detoxification…the initial solace of solitude, the beginnings of bliss and deep exhalations, then suddenly the trembling, the sweating, the itching, the emotions of dealing with reality…and then, the storm broke and i was breathing as i should. accepting. and as i called out to no one in particular on one of the last walks along the water at dawn, forgiveness. forgiving him for the pain he caused. forgiving him for dying. forgiving myself for my imperfections. and through forgiveness, the permission to move on, not to forget but to release the chains that i’d bound myself in and enjoying the possibility of this new chapter. metamorphosis. i wrote, i ate, i slept, i laughed, i gazed, i read, i observed, i swam, i learned, i discussed, i inhaled, i listened, i touched, i drank, i played, i lived. and through this i think some of the best photos i’ve ever taken emerged as just one of the gifts from this journey. sleep is incredibly deep. dreams are amazingly vivid. my heart feels truly open. it is time to write the next chapter in my story.


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