Is this rock bottom?

This week I suddenly experienced the shit that is having your right eye retina detach for no real reason. I guess it’s somewhat common for people who are very nearsighted like myself as they get older, and basically it started out with getting a few black floaters in my eye at the beginning of the week and then on a quick trip out of town on Wednesday it’s suddenly turned to a large brown splotch in my vision of the inside of my right eye. We drove home the next day and went into the eye doctor yesterday afternoon and he took this picture which shows my retina detached, and immediately called the Devers Eye Institute to get me scheduled in immediately with an opthamologist and retina specialist, and last night I had emergency surgery to repair two tears behind my eye. I thought I could be brave and do it under just local anesthetics but the thought of having my entire body except for my right eye covered and an hour or two (it ended up taking two hours) having them work on my eye was just too much for my anxiety ridden mind to handle… Even with Valium in my system. It was still an outpatient surgery ironically so we got home about 1am and turn right back around at 9 a.m. to have it looked at and so far it looks okay. That being said I have to lay face down for three straight days except to go to the bathroom and eat (basically I can’t be up for more than 10 minutes out of every hour), wear an eyepatch at night when I sleep, 3 eye drops 4 times a day, and no alcohol, bicycling or driving for two weeks and no traveling over mountains or flying for three months (which means we’ll never go to the beach this summer). Well I can be fine with no driving or alcohol or flying, and so basically I only had two days to do that before all hell broke loose. I am so damn grateful for my fabulous husband who just dropped everything and took the time off work to be with me during the whole thing and is cooking up a storm so I have food when he goes back to work today since I can’t cook for the next three days. I don’t think the ducks are particularly thrilled because when he goes to work they go back into their run instead of free-ranging all day 🙂

Anyhow I am writing this with voice recognition software on my cell phone as I’m staring down at the floor so my shoulders are killing me but wanted to let you guys know why my blog will be pretty quiet for the next week or so.

Needless to say we are really really due for some good news. This threw me into quite a tailspin as you can imagine because there is also now an increase risk of cataracts because of what happened, and after all that we have dealt with over the past two years (IVF s, miscarriage, failed international adoption from Ethiopia, skin cancer, herniated disc, plantar fasciitis, and now this), it’s hard to remain optimistic.

I’m purely in survival mode.

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