First of all, birthday EVE was lovely. Breakfast with a new friend, a bike ride though town in the amazing sunshine, tamales from a neighbor, fresh baked gingersnaps that I made…YUM. Yesterday a friend came into town to help me set up my show as shown in the pix above, and while I now wish my prints were MUCH bigger, I am so pleased with the layout and am humbled to have my work in a public place. The few patrons all had wonderful things to say about my photos, and I am a mass of butterflies thinking about my show tonight. It’s a brief reception, just 90 minutes to say ‘ta da’ before heading out to dinner, but expecting a decent size amount of visitors, and hoping, through this, that I am able to sell a few pieces and recoup my expenses, maybe even make a few bucks, who knows?

After show set-up, my fella took me out to a cute little creperie for savory deliciousness matched with a bottle of wine, followed up to a trip to our favorite neighborhood patisserie for chocolate lusciousness (my favorite, the concord, shown below from their website, is sheer perfection, light as air yet gorgeous complexities of chocolate loveliness). He’s a bona fide adorer of all things sweet and savory, so we had a really great time. This morning began my true birthday with our trip with another couple over the river to a favorite west side bakery escape for savory bread pudding (ham, poblano, gruyere, etc…..) and cappuccinos, followed by a walk in the rain through the one farmer’s market still functioning in the winter – nothing better than fresh eggs, homemade lemon pasta, local honey, and a gorgeous assortment of mushrooms, as my gift to myself. And now I take a quick repose before going off to my artist reception, and then a wonderful dinner with some of my favorite people.

May all your birthdays be this lovely!


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