photo exhibition prep!!!

Wow! After the lifesaving help of a good friend, I am finally ready for my solo photo exhibition. With serious financial roadblocks getting me so very close to canceling several times, I finally just decided to close my eyes and jump. You know how they say if you jump you’ll either land on your feet or someone will be there to catch you? I’m going on faith that this is still the truth.

Thirteen prints. Figure Studies. I’ve decided to name it ‘Retrospective’, as to kick off my new chapter in 2010 by paying tribute to my roots as a photographer. Just a cafe down the street, just a quiet reception on the evening of my 36th birthday, just a small exhibition for a month to let people know that I am here. Let the butterflies flit all around me, here I go…

So here is my story as a photographer, borrowed from my portfolio page.

I have been behind the camera since I was a little girl. Starting out with a little 110 camera my dad gave me, walking around the neighborhood taking pictures of trees in the fall. When I was 10 or 11 my mom let me take a summer photography class where I used my stepdad’s old manual camera (including separate light meter) to take my first black and white portraits, and I was off and running. At the age of 13 my mom framed a photo and put it on the wall – a shot I took of the Washington Monument at dusk during a class trip. I love black and white and miss the hours spent in the darkroom. To this day I haven’t gotten the hang of digital (with exception of the tomatoes shot on the cover, which was taken with my cell phone, ha!), but am inching closer since paying for b/w prints is very cost prohibitive these days. I managed to get some formal education in my photography, as well. I spent some time at Brooks in my later years (waste of money), took several classes at the Photographic Center School in Seattle (good teachers), but really found that they didn’t change myself as an artist. The best photos I’ve taken have been natural light. It’s very rare that I use a flash, and I have done very little studio work. I love working with my subjects, which is why my portraits and figure studies have always been my best time spent – eliciting ‘that look’ from a woman who started out genuinely uncomfortable behind the camera, and after lots of laughs and talking, extracting that certain smile or catching the light off her skin. I haven’t found many men to be open to being photographed like this, hence why there are mostly women in my portraiture. My passion for my work is always there but it ebbs and flows in the time I spend nurturing it. Lately it has returned as I began documenting my life following the recent death of my father – something about these events gave me courage to take risks, and for that I am grateful. But I continue to push myself, as I know I haven’t even touched the surface…

Inspirations: Peter Lindbergh, Herb Ritts, Bruce Weber, Richard Avedon, Annie Leibowitz, Maxfield Parrish, Dorothea Lange, my father, a friend’s digital art, another’s macro perspective, yet another’s daring gift of figure, and all of my subjects who have helped me see beauty in the unexpected.


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