la luna

For a moment this good time would never end You and me Just wasting time I was kissing you You were kissing me love From good day into a moonlight

(- Dave Matthews)

The moon tonight distracted the hell out of me on the ride home. I turned onto Rosa Parks and literally felt myself catch my breath. The photo above of the moon rising over my house doesn’t do it justice (someday I’ll get myself a digital back for my Pentax…) but I still wanted to share. The deep azure skies and the luscious full moon made me smile like a little girl, in awe of how the simplest is nearly always the sweetest. The season is here…I felt winter gusts challenge my fingertips on the way home tonight and turned up the CCR. While I’m not obsessed by any stretch when it comes to astrology (I used to have a boss who explained Mercury in Retrograde to us very earnestly at meetings…), I do understand my Aquarian nature and how the sun and moon and stars affect our senses. I felt really connected to this piece I read tonight about the full moon, and hope you all have been lucky enough to gaze upwards and witness the moon that shapes our tides and inspires the poets… Something has died within us so that new life can eventually grow. But before the new life arrives, we are left in a state of chaos and confusion. We need a philosophy that can encompass the changes we’re going through. This Full Moon shines on how our minds cope with these changes. It opens us to different perspectives on what happened, and offers multiple possibilities for handling things. So, what did you let go of? What did you discover about yourself? Where is your passion? What is your power? It is time to face the future, which offers us new possibilities if we have the courage to go forward. This Full Moon lights up our instinctual wisdom, which can empower us to rise to the occasion and meet our future with hope and courage.


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