Leftover Pumpkin? No problem!


Thanksgiving has come and gone and you still have cans of pumpkin puree around, or a sad little sugar pumpkin on your countertop like ours that needs to find a new home (sooner rather than later)? Here are five of my favorite uses for leftover pumpkin…

1) Pumpkin Pancakes – I’m not too big into straight pumpkin but I *adore* pumpkin pancakes. This recipe is a pretty good one (just cut out the white sugar to halve the sweetener – too many pancake recipes are chock full of unnecessary amounts of sugar), and this recipe is vegan!

2) Pumpkin Artichoke Risotto – LOVE. I’m a huge fan of risotto and there are a zillion recipes out there for this, including this fairly easy one.  (I’m trying the one from my Italian food bible, The Silver Spoon, this week and will let you know how it goes).

3) Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies – If you can deal with another dessert with pumpkin that’s NOT pie? I know I can. I like this recipe because it’s egg free (I love eggs but our ducks have gone on hiatus for the winter) and because it’s chewy rather than cakey. (Again of course eliminating the white sugar makes for a tastier cookie so the focus is on the pumpkin and the chocolate…not an overly sugary cookie base).

4) Doggie Tummy Ache Remedy – Does your pup have an upset tummy after eating some kitty roca or knawing on a huge bone during the holidays? Take this advice and incorporate a bit of pumpkin to help them feel better. Works on cats as well 🙂

5) And if those whole ones finally look too sad to roast yourself? Feed ’em to your chickens. They’ll thank you.


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