Letter for You

You are my Oz.  You have given me your sentences, thoughts, encouragement, affections…You make me giggle like a schoolgirl and keep me thinking and dreaming and sensing.  I fell asleep last night and thought of your eyes…and closed my own..  I heard your Monday and my first instinct was to make you chicken and run your bath and ease your mind. I wanted to imagine you opening you lunch and finding my chocolates and walk out on your beach and watch the little one scampering about, happy and free.

You are my beautiful friend.

You will discover me one day in autumn, black sweater, blue jeans, black boots, hair strewn about my shoulders, satchel in hand.  I will be sleepy-eyed and stumble into your arms, ready for you to take me into hills and mountains and forests and seas.  We shall fall asleep into goose down and wake up to time and coffee and easy days. I will see my first castle and you will bear witness to my experience and I will bear witness to yours.

You are my beautiful friend.

You have a life I only know through your voice and memories that cloud up as you look into the sun.  I have a life that took many twists and turns and suddenly landed near your story.  The world brings me to the forefront and I see … the unknown.  Just as it should be.  There are long walks and lazy mornings, whiskey trails to wander and late evening conversations to be had.  There is no list and there are no rules. There is only ease and the quiet of this little world.

You are my beautiful friend.


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