Little Bitty Getaway: Astoria


Me and My Love

After each transfer we’ve planned a couple days out of town to exhale with the news, and obviously with shit hitting the fan double-time, this was especially vital. I’d booked us where we spent the first night of our honeymoon, the Cannery Pier Hotel in Astoria, months ago, hoping for a celebration. It’s located at the mouth of the Columbia River as it reaches the Pacific and is quite romantic. The rooms are pretty swank but since we have Ruby, they only had a couple “pet friendly” rooms (read: they put them at the very end, which aren’t nearly as nice but are much cheaper), however it still had a cozy fireplace and their famous stellar view, as all of the rooms literally sit over the water. We came and left in the driving rain, but fortunately our full day there, Wednesday, was pretty damn good for the most part, staying (fairly) dry or just a bit misty. Strangely, my back made it TO Astoria no problem Tuesday afternoon and all day Wednesday I felt great, including our brief sit-downs at a couple of cafes (we brought dinner from home on Tuesday so I didn’t have to go sit somewhere and so we could just relax by the fire, but did carefully plan out a couple of places we knew would allow us to get served quickly so we could be in and out in 20 minutes or so). This morning it went to hell though and by the time we got home I was seriously hurting. Fortunately, the ducks had survived 48 hours on their own in the coop/run – but let’s just say when I let them out of the run they scampered out into the yard very very quickly 🙂

Here’s a bit of a look into our little escape…

Probably one of my favorite bridges to photograph in the world, the Astoria-Megler Bridge connecting Oregon to Washington.

LOVED our hike through the trails of Fort Stevens State Park. A perfect misty afternoon with an occasional sunbreak, lots of green, and even some rad Oregon slugs 🙂

Inside and out, the hotel is pretty gorgeous. Check out that view from our room…

And yes, our sweet old girl Ruby had a great time as well. We were only able to do about a 15 minute walk on the beach because she’s having such a hard time with quite a limp now, poor girl, but she loved being in the salty sea air wearing her “smart red jumper” as Dan calls it (with her advanced stage Cushing’s disease, she’s only got a thin layer of hair and the increasing calcium deposits all over her body have made her a flea magnet while also starting to lose some patches of hair altogether, so this actually keeps her warm – ’cause we are NOT those people who dress our dogs up – or refer to them as “fur babies”, for that matter), while checking out the old shipwreck of the Peter Iredale that’s been buried in the sand for over a century now. We prefer to have her pose in front of tourist attractions, and she digs it too 🙂


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