Little DIY Projects (AKA, alternatives to the TV)

While my coaching work remains constant but slower than normal, and April rains are in full force here on the coast, little DIY projects have gone up on our little whiteboard planner to replace the big time remodeling we were doing either. And in particular, things that cost NOTHING! Here are a few examples of what we’ve been up to on the farm…


This was the ducks’ former swim tub, but after three hard years , it has teeny weeny leaks about 1/3 of the way down, causing it never to fill up with water completely. Considering they have a kiddie pool, it was no big deal to take it out of their run, but my husband made the great suggestion of rather than tossing it into scrap metal recycling, to convert it into a planter. Why didn’t I think of that?!! So it’s now chock full of sunflower starts on the back deck, which will be awesome in the summer for us, for our thousands of bees, and for covering up the gawdawful peeling siding (our final remodel project that had to get put on hold with the onset of the pandemic…thank GOODNESS we hadn’t put a deposit down with the contractor!!).


Oh happy day, this is home-cured maple back bacon (aka Canadian bacon), using this recipe that absolutely kicks the arse of the last recipe we used. Husband being a butcher, there was a leftover pork belly at work that he got “stuck” with and, well, we definitely took full advantage of the gift. He cured it, I smoked it, we’ve inhaled it 🙂

For almost two years I’ve been grumbling at the fact there has never been a step off the side of our back patio – the former owner just had an old slippery awkward cinderblock! So I did a search on Pinterest and found these insanely easy DIY instructions on how to build one out of scrap wood! Yep, it’s just basically building a little tiny stool and screwing it into the side of the deck. Little things for free? Fine by me!

And then of course the “hothouse” (what used to be the “hot tub room” for the former owner but what I immediately knew would be the best spot ever for garden supplies and seed starting!) has been a busy place for sure, getting all of our herbs and veggies started that can’t go straight into the garden outside, reusing old containers every year and labeling them so I don’t forget what’s what. The tomatoes for the most part are coming up nicely as are the four types of basil, cucumber, tomatillo and cilantro, but the pepper seeds are a bit older and I may have to spring for starts eventually. Out here on the coast, tomatoes and peppers can’t go in til the first week of June so you have to pick short season varieties for the most part and definitely not consider putting anything out now since today’s high is like 59 degrees! So this hothouse is definitely a happy place for us as we prep for the second wave of veggie garden planting!

Our next task? Figuring out how to make our anniversary fun and special right here at home – just 3 1/2 weeks from now!

What kind of creative projects are all of y’all up to during this time when there’s nowhere to go? Please share!

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