little escapes

Have you ever observed a humming-bird moving about in an aerial dance among the flowers–a living prismatic gem that changes its colour with every change of position . . .

~ w.h. hudson recently i shared a favorite childhood book with a friend…one of those days when you are walking down the aisles of powells, and it strikes you exactly what you are looking for. i hadn’t thought of this book in so many many years, yet as soon as it came to mind, i knew it was right.  an old, delicious edition with the aroma of paper and stories and little escapes into the mind.

i’ve never seen the film version, though i’d love to someday, just for a different visual, even if it’s no comparison.  maybe convince my friend to go find a dvd of this and we’ll watch together someday.  audrey hepburn as rima, anthony perkins as the man going into the forest. she is fully encompassed by nature, he is both mesmerized by her and unexpectedly turned into the man who rescues her (while unknowingly, she has rescued him).

and after all of this, my weekly writing assignment, magpie tales, had another cover for the book (snake charmer) being used as the week’s inspirational picture.  i couldn’t write til i figured out why it looked so familiar. and now i have…and briefly wonder, how do these bits of serendipity occur?

and i smile.  and can’t wait til what my next ramble down the city of books will reveal to me…


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