living it baby

it is in those moments of pure exhaustion that the energy sometimes appears. it is when everything is so crazy that you just laugh and jump right in. it’s unbelievable, so why not lift your arms up and embrace it? i’m living it, baby.

riding home this afternoon in the sudden snow of late december, i slowly pedaled down the street, feeling every fat flake on my nose and cheeks and eyelashes, squinting, riding around confused cars, and slowly…noticing how i had the wonderful advantage, the freedom, the glee.

and slowly i found my eyes looking towards the sky, opening my mouth at stoplights and smiling, letting the snowflakes touch the tip of my tongue as i did as a girl. hopping onto sidewalks, curving through streets, and heading up the long stretch home, my eyes relaxed and like yoga, i was focused inward. more challenging, but nothing my body couldn’t handle. music in my ears and my arms and legs not realizing that the snow was soaking through. i stopped along the way and snapped a photo, and sang my way home, hearing myself giggle as i turned onto my street. on a night like this it makes me glad for the simplicity in being a car-free girl. couldn’t have paid me enough to catch a ride home or get on a bus – hell, at 11:30 pm a lot of those cars are still out there!

and i swear my dog had been peering out the window like a little one, waiting for me, as the minute i got home she went nuts. on days like this? no leash, just grabbed the keys and took off with her down the street. love when you can walk down the middle of the street, watch your dog prancing and spinning around in the snow, grabbing big bites of snow in her mouth and happy as a clam. coming home and we are both sprinkled with a new layer of snow, and covering her up in a big soft towel (one of her favorite games is drying off) before pouring a glass of wine and starting dinner.

it’s a beautiful week – watching the end of the year close out, just a little bumpity bump in my heart knowing that the new year is patiently waiting for me, that anything is possible.

Everything you want is out there waiting for you to ask. Everything you want also wants you. But you have to take action to get it.” ~ Jack Canfield


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