looking back, looking forward

It’s amazing where you were 10 years ago and where you are now. Where I saw myself going and where I am today. No regrets. Great memories. Lessons learned. Friendships made. Romances experienced. A life lived.

The next segment of my life was another journey altogether, one that had more ups and downs than I care to describe at this time. There ended up being more pain than joy, and, wounded and weak, I somehow found the strength to seek my own happiness again. To look for a life that involved someone who understood the balance of taking care of me, and himself. Someone who thought of others and not just himself, who I could depend on. Who I could trust. Who respected himself and who wanted to give me the love in his heart. Who would allow me to spread my wings and who would love to spread their wings next to mine, independent yet interconnected. Embracing duality and savoring the small moments. Who would listen to me and have something to say. Who read, who wrote, who breathed in life and love and nature. Who understood passion and eccentricity and digging in the dirt and driving fast down empty highways. Who I could see clearly and who I could see a future and a family with. Who, when we come together, exhale.


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