Magpie 127


It’s that cycle I breathe – you showing me who I am, my looking intently, asking you why, how, is it me?, then you brushing away my fears (gently, without reprisal, with sweetness I’ve come to slowly trust). And I see who we are- circles who intersect, curves that intimately wrap around each other, lives that have come to interdepend as only the close understand. You’re the star I look to, the rock I swim to, the quiet I crave, the love I’ve built over time and sea. When I awoke yesterday, I was free and light, floating down this river and turning onto my back to feel water rushing over my shoulders. I don’t have to see everything to trust what comes next – instead I see my footsteps and where the sun rises.

Every road I’ve wandered has led me to this moment. (They don’t realize the gifts they’ve given me in their frustration, their madness, their addiction, their loneliness, their bravery).

Every lesson I’ve learned and shadow I’ve chased has brought me to this sense of today, of us, of something I’d never thought I’d find (your heart).

Each intersection, each circle, each word, I am seeing (I am seen).


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