Magpie 130

there i am, how i see this life now, where the world is gathering.  you’ve broken me, taken me apart bit by bit, peeled back layers and watched me put myself together.  i am new, decomposing and growing from the insides of the earth, brushing myself off and looking back at the sea.  i hear you scream.  i hear them look, quizzically, at me as i rub your temples and tell you it is as it shall be.  you saw my revelation.  i saw your sun (you saw your sun).  she saw nothing she could comprehend – and so i let her go.  i am of this universe and you are holding the ocean to my ear.  where they saw weakness, i found power.  the skin of mine that they ripped at, jagged scars they left behind.  i see the way you smile at me and how she folds her girls into her arms and how the way he gently rests his baby on his hip as she reaches out to the air.  that place we land shall not always be where we stay.  you give me, i give you.  i wrote it down one day…and let it float into the air.  they don’t always see my joy (i do, you do).

you are my family and you are coming home.

There is just one life for each of us:  our own.  ~Euripides


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