Magpie 139

it’s all i could think of.  distractions i plead.

home. what that room might look like.  what i might feel like when i look over at you.  what air you breathe and how i may breathe it.

i’m just a simple girl with a simple home and simple floors and simple grass underfoot.  i’m here.  barefoot and thinking.

come rain or come shine, this is where i be, where you be.  won’t that be fine, he reminded us.  i turn off the jazz and pull on a sweater.  soon, soon.

(it doesn’t take away the butterflies on this morning)

dance with me.  be silly with me.  give me as i give you.  pull me out of the rain – and into the rain.  sweet talk me when i’m grumpy.  hold my heart.  keep us safe.

you know what i say, what you say right back to me.  it’s ours and ours alone.

oh what you do to me…


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