Magpie 143

i think it’s you.

i think it’s anytime i see sun in the horizon and my mind whirls around.

i think it’s me.

i think you’re all around me, in wind and cold and sea and brightness, there is everything to be found.

i think it’s life.

i think it’s the way my heart raced all day with the setting of the day and the newness of where we shall grow tomorrow.

i think it’s this path.

i think you’re on it next to me, you’re surrounding me as partners, that this world provides us with doors we’ve not been ready to open. until today.

i think it’s you.

i think there are colors and feelings and words you give me but more importantly, the way we synchronize.  the way we nurture. soften. protect.

i think it’s me.

i think it’s how i learn more and more that everything circles back to the choices i make, the risks i take, the lessons i learn, the love that i give (and receive).

i think.  i breathe.  i take new steps.  i observe. i create. and i think some more.  i think it’s all going to be okay in the end.

(i know)


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