Magpie 147

everywhere she went, it didn’t matter.  my breath taken in stuck, choked, felt lost and she couldn’t see anything the heart demanded in my urgency to flow.  she wanted it, she wanted everything, she wanted nothing.  seeing the oceans creating more and more and more distance, she sees the mind and the aching and the closing of the doors.  yet at the same time she sees the locks shattering and the wood disintegrating because i know, i know i cannot lose something that is deep within me, that is written, that is spoken.  there is truth and there is fear and there is a person who is trying to dissolve, there is sand that is seeping between my fingers and toes and there is a woman who sits alone, curves and moments and the tale of her heart exposed every time she blinks.  she is breath, she is the way of the waves and wind on your cheek. she knows that there is a wholeness, a sanctuary, a quiet that is out there. she seeks it, she runs from it, she knows it has always been there. ever the soft place to fall.


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