Magpie 149

that was a long time ago, the old you.  when you were sitting in bars til the wee hours, til your throat was hoarse and your head was foggy.  that was an old way of life, not that it was anything to be ashamed of. you’re just older now, in a new window where the words you write and the songs you play are still intense and emotional, yet at the same time softened by knowledge, of time and tide.  we both had those places in our past where the world was tough and no one could be trusted.  you only knew what was in front of you and each day was about fighting for air.  one day you took a new road and you wrote and wrote and wrote and just like that, you were found.  unexpectedly, out of another earth across land and sea, you were seen, you were discovered.  beautiful you, strong you, through the cracks and the salt and the hurt, you were seen.  what blew the seer away was that she was as well.  she couldn’t escape your gaze, your breath, and her layers kept peeling off, some delicate, some as a winter peacoat falling to the floor.  raw and beautiful, knowing that there was only one way to go in this new life. when the old pain and the old doubts grazed her shoulders you were there, covering her delicate skin, kissing her soft shoulders, inhaling in the barely perceptible scents of vanilla and clove.  her giggle at the end of it all saved you, burned itself into your mind, and you heard her voice soft, emotional, tough, sensitive, craving, defiant, human.  you told her that she made it easier for you to be you.  with her your past was part of the strength of your today, and she loved everything from the dark to the light.  the old you would never have stopped.  this one, she stopped you in your tracks, made you look at your weary hands and see their power, the hold you could have and the way you could smooth her furrowed brow with just one press of the lips.  she is curves and complexity and deserving, so deserving of your hands and heart and past and future.  you are her present and her gift and her reflection, and with one step in new light, you shall receive her.  she looks at the sun and the azure of the evening sky and knows, there is an ocean that no longer interferes, that beckons and allows her to be soft, be strong, be aware and true.  you are noble, like your grandfather.  and you are the wind that curls around her and keeps her soft.  for each new day, she will love you.  for each new lesson, you will see more clearly.  and you will get another chance to twirl her ’round and tell her.  tell her what you know, what you love, what you dream.  and you’ll see her hazel eyes feel her hand fit into yours.   and you’ll exhale. once again, you’ll exhale.


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