Magpie 150

that was me, once.

ain’t no more though.  this girl woke up with a fresh breath of air.

not the kind she expected.  not the kind she ever could have anticipated.

no more did she look down, and wonder.  no more did she expect anything of the sort.

she was free, damn free.

she knew.  she knew the way a woman knows.

even the way she walked was different.

she was healed, unlike any way she’d ever been in past wanderings.

when the winter seeped through, it didn’t touch her skin.

she was warm, she was words, she was life.

you don’t see, do you?

that’s okay.  she does.

you don’t know what she knows.  you probably never have.

it’s a lucky day when she sees the darkness, and smiles.

this morning she looked at her reflection and exhaled.

but not for the reasons you may think.

you may never know her, you may never be so fortunate.

she knows you, though.  she always has.  may you thank her for that.  may you see her everything (for once).  may you feel her breath softly on your neck as you sleep, and know.  there is much to be lost without her.

there is a breeze that caresses her skin as she makes her way back into the sunlight…there is love in her heart.

now she believes in just one, and she looks up (she is tender, she is still her own).

you should be so lucky.  you should be so grateful for her.

If you cannot be a poet, be the poem. ~David Carradine


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