Magpie 152

It’s morning time and the sun is out.  I remember the way it was, climbing up that tree, looking down at you, wondering if you’d join me.  All arms and legs and screaming giggles as you scrambled up to catch me.  I don’t know anymore – was that real, or were those scratches on my legs something I imagined.  Life is grand, you said, and we sat up there telling stories.  You liked to tell me about the swashbuckling heroes, me, I liked to picture myself on a horse, galloping away.  Sometimes we’re there, sometimes we’re here. Me, I’m always returning to a place that reminds me of sunshine, where the grass was soft underfoot and the branches of the trees held us.  Safe with you, that is all I remember.  Let me sleep in your warmth, and I’ll soften, again.


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