Magpie 160

i see inside my insides and wonder each morning and each evening, if i run to catch your hand will i be strong enough to give you what you need, will you hold it tight and never let go…i see my insides and each time i do, i breathe a bit easier.

i reflect in your eyes all that is possible and beautiful, and i remember that you give me what i cannot describe other than the one word: home.  you reflect in my eyes all that is today and tomorrow and where we shall go next on our journey.

you strip me down and remind me of my insides and outsides and my in betweens and my come what mays.  i feel the spring air enveloping me and see dirt beneath my nails and look over and see you, here, with me, my heart wrapped up in everything we’ve built.

holding close to my tenderness, you free me. you see me. still, after all this time, you see me.


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