Magpie 162

the tables are turning and i can choose, you said.  i leave that world behind full of loneliness and worry and fear and darkness, you said.  one day the phone rang and there you were, so happy that i wondered if it were real.  i’m leaving that chaos and the way you see me, it’s the way i am starting to see myself (you said).  where is a girl like me to fit in, i thought, when the stars rise and the life comes rushing in.  ahh, welcoming i thought, finally where all those dreams of mine had split up, cracked up into a million pieces nine years back.  i said back then, i knew there was someone out there waiting, creating, developing…someone who did want what i wanted, someone who would see us.  there is a space for me now, it is with you.  you turned the tables, i fought the good fight, we both grabbed each others’ hand with surety and left ambivalence to those naysayers.  they can have it – we have each other. you fight the battles, we’ve won the war.  i look at you and my eyes twinkle the way i had once dreamed of, the way only you could elicit from this mind of a thousand stories.  my element i shall be seen in, my world you shall drift along with me in, this garden and this home and this street where there are birds and people and promise.  i can’t ever tell you in the way that i can show you. look from my kitchen window and you’ll see, you’ll know.  i told you, i love the way you see me.

i do.

Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place.  ~Zora Neale Hurston


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