Magpie 168

you wrote me while i was sleeping and you kissed me every day until the sun came up and the cows went home and every morning you’d be there, either with your head propped up on one hand, laying on your side waiting to talk to me when i awoke, brushing the hair away from my face and smiling at me, or nuzzled up against me, the breath of your dreams slipping under my skin and melting away any worries i once had, waking me up to a life i never knew i’d get to live, a life with you, my heart in your hands and yours in mine, where the lives we had before are lessons that taught us about today, and someday we’ll see, someday waiting for our next journey with your hand in mine, that each step, each movement, each time we dared to push past our fears and give ourselves even more, we’ll know, we’ll just know, that we did everything for love, we lived for love, you holding onto my waist as my hands reached up to touch your face, kiss your lips, look into those eyes that tell me, thank you for for sticking with me through these years, through every moment when i was scared and you were fiercely protective of me, through every time we forged through crowds to little Greek restaurants in the city, through each day when we laughed at the little victories and the way the garden grew and how you would sing old country songs, through those times when you didn’t know but came to me anyhow and i protected you, just like you did for me, and when i would sing to myself and talk to the plants, i knew i could always look over and see your smile, see how you’d always be there, til our hands were wrinkly and our walking slowed and the music was something we could no longer hear but could see in each others eyes.

you’re the one for me, ya know?

each day i wake up with a smile.


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