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Magpie Tales

when i wrote you, i wrote of good things and how we’d someday be. we’d someday be up top on that hill, sittin’ there, you lookin’ at me, me lookin’ at you, smilin’ that little smile. we were, we did, we saw.  you loved me and you love me and you will love me, love me like there was nothin’ more than two sparrows in the grass, looking towards the sun. it was every sunday that you wrote me, documenting the way your heart beat as i curled in the crook of your arm, sweetened your tea with honey and gave you all that i had.  we are shared on this blanket, quiet underneath these stars, two people and two hands who have held and seen pieces of life slip through our fingers in years past.  i drew you and you sat next to me and kissed my cheek, telling me babe, i’m here to stay, telling me babe, i got your back. baby, you trace my name on my soul every time we sit out on the front porch, watchin’ the world go by and feedin’ me every bitta love in your heart. when i wrote you, i wrote of things i never imagined i’d see.  somethin’ sweet and somethin’ real and somethin’ neverending.  it happened, it’s real, it’s here to stay. you wrote me and i walked in, and we rode down that hill, me on the handlebars, knuckles white, kissin’ you at the end because you saved me just as much as i saved you. it wasn’t anything or everything or something, just the day you put that ring on my finger that was once on yours, i knew we were written, our own little love story unveiling itself each ‘n’ every day.  i was thinkin’, baby you seen me through and through, and that day i stood in the sun and you said sweetheart, i ain’t goin’ nowhere so hold my hand and let’s run together down that path, through that forest, to the ocean.

it wasn’t anything they said, it wasn’t anything they knew.

you for me, me for you.  i love you. oh, how i love you.


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