Magpie 188

Magpie Tales

Magpie Tales

Thank you, I said.  Thank you, he said back.  We walked, we ran, we stumbled towards the ocean and over the ocean and back again.  We certainly have seen a lot over these past few years, you said. And I wouldn’t change any of them for the world, because where we are now, where we are headed?  That is beauty, that is life, that is us.  Triumphant.  Evolving.  Steadfast. Beautiful in our travels and ingrained in the idea that we are something.  We know this truth, we have seen it and walked it and when I am near you as my eyes close each evening, it is as it was meant to be.  We have traveled and gladly beyond.  You helped me see the road ahead.  I helped you continue the walk.  We are.  Always.  Can you see tomorrow?  I can’t either – but I’m still here. Got your back.  You got mine. Thank you, he said again.  I love you, we said together.


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