Magpie 38

From my rotting body, flowers shall grow and I am in them and that is eternity.   ~Edvard Munch

 the dead have their day and i said goodbye to the corpse of my past life. i commemorate the loss with a smile and a thank you, as the distance spreads between that old way of existing and the new way of living.  you old ghosts, all i can do is take a breath, and continue forward.   things always happen to me in the autumn.  october and november always have a way of shaking up my world.  the goodbye to summer and the greeting of winter, the opening of the heart to a new chapter.  autumn is not death, it is the preparation for rebirth.  and there is so much beauty in rebirth. i have seen death.  i go to the gravesite this sunday to have my conversation with him about how my year has gone and where i am going.  this fall i have leaped over mudpuddles and ridden through the rain and seen possibility.  this fall i feel life.  it is in everything around me and in every decision i make that is good for my heart and soul.  i am nourished.  i am far from dead.


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