Magpie 80

it is sunday and i’ve just returned from a walk.  there is sun and sweat on my brow and i hear little birds.  my brave little delphinium has returned and there is not much else i have to think about beyond whether i’d like to battle spiderwebs in order to get at my blackberries.  the house has been baking for the past few weeks and sleep is a challenge.  i’ve hoped for more but when i looked over all i saw was my own reflection, my own choices looking back at me.  this is where you stand, this is who i am today.  do i want this?  what about this moment gives me bliss? what about the entire picture do i need to paint over?

i am tangled, but no longer am i fighting to be set free.  soon i will emerge.  rain or shine.

Don’t threaten me with love, baby. Let’s just go walking in the rain.

~Billie Holiday


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