Magpie 88

i love the city.  i love that i can walk two blocks and get an espresso that was brewed from locally roasted beans.  i love that i can hate on dipshit hipsters because at the same time i can love on the eclectic artists and laugh with the hip hop boys and start up conversations with garden grrls in the nursery down the street.  i love that i can hop on two wheels and in twenty or so minutes be amongst the towering buildings and trees mixed together and leave to see twinkling lights in those trees and words on marquees.  i love that i can hop the train home, with or without my bike, and see a hundred and seventy four styles of shoes.  i love that i go to work and my team is comprised of every type of person from every type of background.  i love that there are so many opinions, so many styles, so many passions, and so many colors.  i love that i can catch three busses from my house and get just about anywhere in the city, ride my bike to work and to the grocery store and to a friend’s house, rent a zipcar to get the bigger things or go to the ocean or the island for berry picking, or walk/bike a mile or so to the train where i can pop to the airport or ikea or to the edges of suburbia.  i love that when i’m in the city i can wear my jeans and docs and favorite black v-neck sweater, or my li’l sexy red dress with black stretchy knee boots and curls in my hair, or my adidas cycling jacket over a flowy skirt and honey skate shoes.  i can go anywhere and i can be anyone.  i love that there are a million types of music and every kind of art and that my town prays to the heaven of books located at tenth & burnside.  i love that my town is known for record amounts of coffee, books, microbrews, and stripclubs.  i love that nearly every neighbor on my block has a garden and that i can see chickens forty feet from my front porch.  i love that i can pull on a big soft sweater, sweatpants, and slip my feet into fuzzy socks and sit on my porch on an evening such as tonight and hear the sounds of the week’s end.  kids laughing as they run ahead of their parents on the way home from the grocery store.  neighbors talking to each other in front of their houses.  my dog using all the power in her old hips to get up and greet her best friend roxy as she trots by with her charges.  cars and busses and ambulances, and at the same time, cats and squirrels and birds and the rustling of the laurels where the possums and other critters live.  i love that even though the sun is setting i can still throw on a jacket and boots and wander around the corner over to the pub and get a warm spinach salad with roasted garlic and prosciutto and goat cheese with a glass of local hard cider, or across the street for a dinner in what used to be a brick firehouse eighty years ago, and nibble on cauliflower dipped in lemon creme fraiche and sip italian wines that i just trust my server to spoil me with and then dine on anything from a wood fired pizza to homemade gnocchi to the most tender thyme-scented rotisserie chicken.  or i can never leave my home and have chinese, thai, pizza, sushi, greek, korean, or even hamburgers delivered right to me.  i love that i can ride my bike and not feel like i’m taking my life in my own hands because there are lanes everywhere and a thousand others like me who consider two wheels, human powered, their primary form of transportation.  i love that no matter what happens, no matter where i go, no matter what i do, that there are others who appreciate the diversity of the city and the people in it.  i love that there is the country, the mountains, the coast, the desert, the valley, the forests.  i love that even with all of this, i’m not committed to where i hang my hat, that i still feel like there are more places for me to inhabit.  i love that my mind still wanders and that i can’t wait for my next journey and that i am in love with the world.

i love, therefore i live.


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