Make Way For Ducklings!

Clockwise from top left: Welsh Harlequin, Black Swedish, Khaki Campbell, Cayuga

I am excited to report that we will officially be duck folk in early March!

While we really wanted to buy them locally, the nursery near our house won’t be getting their ducklings in until mid-April, and with our vacation coming up later in May, we wanted to make sure our girls are all full grown by the time we leave, so we ordered them online instead so we could get them in early March and get some good bonding time in, not to mention get them used to their new digs.

Why ducks? Well, we have some friends who have ducks who also let me duck-sit once a few years ago when they were out of town and, after comparing that to chicken-sitting I’d done for another neighbor, I knew immediately that I was much more of a duck person. Not that chickens aren’t nice, I just think ducks are, well, hella funnier. Plus they don’t have nearly the reputation for eating everything in the garden indiscriminately (we still have our raised beds as, come on, I’m not presenting my greens on a platter to them!), are known to be the best ever at ridding the garden of slugs and other pests, and don’t need a lot of specialization when building their housing! Oh and hey, who doesn’t love the children’s book Make Way for Ducklings? It was one of my favorites as a little girl 🙂

The above are the pictures from Purely Poultry, where I ordered those 4 particular breeds. I like this site because they sell a lot of endangered breeds from the Livestock Conservancy list (all four of ours are on the Watch List – click HERE to learn more). They are day-old and you pick them up at the post office so hopefully it will all go smoothly!


As far as the coop building goes, the snow is STILL here, so it’s in a state of disarray. Thanks to a neighbor’s kind donation, we got some scrap corrugated metal to use for the roof. but it’s been too effing cold to trim it or do, really, anything! I did, in my cabin fever, go a little stir crazy and order a few things on AmazonSmile (with all charitable proceeds to Planned Parenthood), including a big shallow galvanized steel bucket of sorts for them to get a little swim time in, some chick/grower/layer feed and oyster shells for calcium supplementation, and a latch for the yet-to-be-made door. Assuming the rain that is now coming down in a steady, miserable stream from the sky melts some of the mess without flooding our basements here in town, we’ll be back on the job tomorrow and Thursday, whoop whoop! Or I suppose I should say, quack quack…!

What a great way to head into the new year!


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