Maraming salamat … for J

One of my favorite, most fun shows with one of my favorite friends…

Love this girl.  My inspiration.  You know how your friends take different pieces of you?  She is the free spirit, she is the soul, she is the beautiful smile and she is the knowing eye.  We met in a little jazz club by the train station, each of us a friend of a mutual friend and, like all the great women I have come to call my friends, it was love at first sight.  We laughed a little too loud, pissed a few off, drank some great cocktails, and bada-bing.  Concerts and cocktails and coffees and conversations, silly boys and silly girls, figuring out where we were going, trying new approaches, and finally – jumping.  I’m so proud of her for saying Fuck It and just doing it – getting rid of her stuff and heading to the islands.  She’s now mixing drinks on an island and still living and learning and loving life.  Still that beautiful wanderer, thinking aloud, finding answers and asking questions. 

I am so proud to have so many strong women in my life – women who do exactly what fits them.  If instincts are leading in one direction, they’ll follow them.  Whether it be love or an island breeze or a new beginning, or all of the above…they remind me of who I am and keep me centered on remembering what is so gorgeous about life.  I know whatever feels right in my heart, I will have the love in my life to support me wherever I go.

Blessed.  So so so blessed.


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