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aquarius – “Welcome home, beautiful!” I hope you hear those words or at least experience those feelings very soon. In my astrological opinion, you need to intensify your sense of belonging to a special place or community. You’ve got to grow deeper roots or build a stronger foundation or surround yourself with more nurturing — or all of the above. And that’s not all. As you bask and thrive in your enhanced support system, you also deserve to feel better appreciated for the wonderful qualities you’re working so hard to develop in yourself. Ask and you shall receive. 

i don’t know what it is but the way he kissed me last night made me an open book.  i don’t apologize anymore for who i am.  he walked in wearing a black cashmere coat and i drank 18 year old scotch, neat.  when he talked all i could think was, please let’s just get out of here.  and i just looked at him, quietly, smiling.  he didn’t cover me up with words, and it made me wonder.  made me a little crazy.  when he kissed me i smiled and my face was warm not from the scotch but for how he and i drove quietly in the night and how i wanted to fall asleep on the way home, misfits in the background and stars in the sky. he probably thought it was just the scotch but it wasn’t. but i couldn’t read him and that couldn’t be good, could it.

we all wake up to reality and the harsh sunlight.  it is sunday and i am slightly melancholy. is what it is, and i think i just need time on my bicycle to figure out the day from the night and figure out what the hell it is. i don’t know my right from my left and when i close my eyes i wonder.  i turn on the operation ivy and i exhale.

I know things are getting tougher

When you cant get the top off the bottom of the barrel Wide open road of my future now… Its looking fucking narrow

Boy better make up your mind Whatcha gonna do with yourself Boy running out of time This time I got it all figured out

All I know is that I don’t know All I know is that I don’t know nothing And that’s fine

~operation ivy


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