may sixth

the sun hit my nose and i was just good, baby. i had the op ivy in my ears, the yummy cozy stretchy soft against my skin, and that irrepressible grin that i can’t wipe off my face on days like this. all i wanted to do was come home and tell you about my ride, how making it up that hill gets me all flushed and cause random giggling and this feeling of belief.

but hey, she sees me and her bum wiggles and if nothing else, i have those lovely eyes to look up at me and that wet nose to burrow under my arm to find a place to rest her head. i pull weeds, she eats grass. i exhale as i write in this journal, she farts a symphony.

there still is that weird random feeling though. never am good at putting my finger on things and identifying but i do know that in this all there are instincts and a story worth telling. i deserve you, she said. right now all i can see is sunlight and tree branches. but there is a heart that is in me that will receive.

i’m not apologizing anymore for who i am or for what i do. i may not do things your way but i am all me and that’s what’s so delicious about knowing what’s what.


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