Meat Chooks 2.0: Let the Fun Begin!

Our Houdan chicks have arrived! In 2019 we raised them along with Australorps, Delawares and Golden Lace Wyandottes, and found the taste of the Houdans were unlike anything else (the others just "tasted like chicken", while these were like butta...), so we ordered 40 back in December and I just picked these little buggers up at the post office this morning. It's still pretty cold at night and last time around we'd gotten them later in the season, so I have them in an old dog-crate-turned-mini-brooder in the breakfast nook for the next few days until I can get them moved into the big awesome brooder in the barn that I built two years ago (see our 2019 setup here). My hopes are to keep a couple for breeding so we don't have to get them from the hatchery next time, but we'll see how much the rooster and I get along, since our first one ended up getting eaten after a few weeks of his jerk attitude didn't subside, haha... but they are eating and drinking and being crazy as chicks do...and the dog is VERY jealous of the attention he's not getting. Here's a quick cell phone video I shot halfway through 'unpacking' them...

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