Midweek Getaway: Puget Island, WA

Knowing our transfer would leave us with all kinds of emotions no matter what the results, I’d booked us a little farm cottage out on Puget Island, Washington, about a 90 minute drive from home, for a few days this week. So simple and perfect! I love a place too where you drive up, walk in the (unlocked) door of the cottage, find your breakfast of their homemade bread, rose hip jelly, fresh fruit and farm-fresh hard boiled eggs waiting for you, and utter QUIET. And talk about a small world – the owner, who stopped by later to say hello, turns out was good friends with a longtime friend of my mother’s! Amazing. Here are a few snapshots from our getaway…

The cottage itself was SOOO cute! Basically the size and layout of a double studio, it was super private and far from the main house as well as the cabin where their WWOOF farm helpers were staying. Kind of awesome not having to close all the blinds at night since there were only fields to see out the windows! We did next to nothing while we were there…moved the table onto the porch and played their old Trivial Pursuit game, sipped tea in the rocking chairs on the back balcony, walked around the farm and fed the chickens, took a super luxurious middle-of-the day nap, watched Misery on their aging VCR, and for the most part, did all of our own cooking. We only left the farm once because we’d forgotten to bring enough for dinner, and ended up at a little Mexican cafe…so basically our only expenditures was our $30 dinner of fajitas, burritos, and a special occasion beer for my husband to toast our pregnancy (he’s all about the solidarity when it comes to the no-alcohol bit). So nice!

The first morning we took a long leisurely stroll around the farm’s 11 acres.  They host a farmer’s market on Fridays and have a huge greenhouse where much of their produce is grown, so much of the land is actually fairly wild. The owner has kept a path mowed through the brush so guests can walk through and enjoy even more peace, and while we didn’t see most of the wildlife they mentioned, the birds were lovely to hear and we spotted numerous eagles and hawks sailing above us in the sky. And yeah, our girl Ruby was in HEAVEN!!!!

And while in town for dinner and while on the drive home, we enjoyed the spectacular views of the Columbia River. Talk about a nice long “ahhhhh!”


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