Midweek Getaway: The Oregon Garden

This past week we took a 3 day ‘weekend’ in the middle of the week (#retailhusband) to head over to The Oregon Garden. Located in the Willamette Valley not far from Salem, it’s 80 acres of awesome, and has a cottage style hotel adjacent for easy access to all things botanical. And we’ve never been there! Kind of amazing, being the garden-obsessed folks we are (I mean, the Royal Botanical Gardens was the very first place my sweetheart took me when I visited him in Melbourne for the first time way-back-when), but hey now we have and it was pretty darn cool. We both took turns documenting various flowers, shrubs and trees we want to consider getting for the farm, and Lucky was enjoying the awesome array of smells 🙂

Along with that, we spent some time in the adorable little downtown that is Silverton, and one day popped up to Aurora as well. We were hoping to find an antique or two (my kitchen is dying for a proper hutch and I’m not in the carpentry mode for something of that magnitude right now!) but it wasn’t our week for spotting cool things (well, beyond the $9K French butcher block table, cough cough!). But we ate, we slept, we strolled, we snuggled, and we did what we came to do – get away from ‘it all’ and not think about the past month as much as  possible.

The month of July is all about what I’m calling ‘data collection’. No decisions, just collecting information on various options, spending time with the therapist to help us through the devastation and associated mistrust with the entire system, and a plan to figure things out…later. Right now, it’s just about us.


Driving home meant taking the long way, through fields and fields of everything from wheat to lavender to marijuana (yep, it’s still a trip to see it growing out in the open!) to this above field o’ zucchinis. Pretty rad.


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