Monday Meditation 

“When we don’t act from fear we aren’t nearly as likely to run out of resources.” – Martha Beck

I’ve had this list of meditations, words of wisdom, or whatever you want to call them, in my notebook for a while and wanted to share them as they’ve been kind of awesome for me this year. These are excerpted from an article I saw in the magazine Experience Life…love this publication.


  1. Believing you’re broken.

  2. Thinking you’re completely fixable.

  3. Believing you can think your way there.

  4. Having unrealistic expectations.

  5. Blaming yourself for failure.

  6. Assuming you’re supposed to feel a certain way.

  7. Equating success with happiness.


  1. Embrace who you are today.

  2. Accept what you can’t change.

  3. Focus on your response to life.

  4. Be mindful.

  5. Give yourself credit.

  6. Dream and do anyway.

These words can relate to just about anything in our lives, and or what I’m trying to focus on at this stage. Or like Ernest Hemingway said, "life breaks everyone, but some are strong in the broken places.”

I’ve been taking some quiet time over these past few days but hope to be blogging regularly by Tuesday.



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