Moving Forward…

We are trudging forward, slowly but surely, towards our goal of getting outta dodge and into a smaller coastal town environment. “Astoria or bust!” is our mantra, and the little things are getting checked off our list…

  1. Where we live it is now required to have our Home Energy Score calculated before selling a home, so we found a discounted rate and had ours done yesterday. I’ve had a ton of energy efficiency measures in the last 12 years on our 1925 home – replaced all of the windows, insulation, roofing, etc. – so was happy to see that we got a solid 8 out of 10 score which is really good. Literally the only improvements recommended were to upgrade our water heater to gas or tankless (there are no electric Energy Star water heaters, closest you can get is a heat pump version, so we have an “EnergySmart” one at home) and to go solar. So yeah, I’m stoked about this “good grade”.

  2. As I just finished my taxes and found out that I overpaid on my federal estimated taxes for my business and will – gasp! – be getting a bit of a refund, I reinvested a small chunk of that into buying interlocking carpet tiles for the basement bedrooms to make them more cozy for when the photos are taken of our house, so we’ll be installing those over the coming week or two. They don’t need to be glued on so I’m pretty happy about that as we did one room in an evening and it’s all like night and day aesthetically!

  3. In the interests of “staging” I picked up four simple wooden dining chairs from a neighbor via Nextdoor for a whopping $25 (total!) to go around our dining table because, um, well, we only have two chairs currently in the house that used to be kitchen chairs. I – for real – have NEVER owned true dining room chairs and since 99% of the time this dining room is my office (we eat in our kitchen nook), it’s never been on the top priority list. So we’ll set the table all pretty, pack up the office stuff, and hopefully – voila! – opening up the French doors into the dining room will be a nice feature 🙂

  4. Before the snow hit, I planted a bunch of calendula seeds in the raised beds…so yeah, we might just be redoing that since a late-February snow wasn’t exactly in my plans. But as I mentioned, we are progressing. And as I wake up each morning and look out to the sunrise, I just know that I am ready. So ready.


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