my love with you

(this is what he wrote, it brought me to tears, i love him fierce)

Do you remember? sitting  with me on my bike  as we tore down the steepest  hill in town? you must I do You screamed in my ear You gripped my white knuckles and I watched the splintered sunlight dance over your arms… or when we broke into middys general store that Sunday afternoon? grabbing my hand and smiling as we headed straight to the sweets… we filled our bellies with chocolate and no-one knew except you me and the cat… we rolled around in a bed of pine-needles and I brushed the stray foliage from your hair… do you remember? Or when I tried to kiss you and you pulled away? we were on the beach I lied n said that the tears were from the wind and you said it was okay and smiled at me…


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