My Reading List for 2021 ( far)

2020 was a bit of a slow drip when it came to my reading. While I was finishing up my health studies program online, the majority of my focus was for the research projects in pesticides, ecopsychology and food systems, and so that along with a longtime habit of buying too many books all at once, there's been quite a buildup of books on our shelves that need my attention!

Here are my first priorities for the new year...

Saturday I finished Eloquent Rage and there are SO many highlighted parts of it (some books just resonate so much I sit with a yellow highlighter in my hand so I can refer back to them). I think I love it so much I just might write a separate blog post on it eventually, so hold tight!

I've adopted my husband's habit of having a couple of books going at once, and the other one that I'm about halfway through is one of John Lewis' final books, Across that Bridge , which when reading feels like he's in the room, talking to you and giving grandfatherly advice. It's simultaneously heartbreaking and comforting, consciousness-raising and inspiring, and all I can be is so grateful about the Georgia Senate elections that will be so meaningful as we traverse this insane reality we are in as a country.

Native America, Discovered and Conquered: Thomas Jefferson, Lewis & Clark, and Manifest Destiny is one I'm really excited to get started on (and probably will before the Lewis one is done!) as I've been eager to increase my indigenous studies, in particular the area in which I live (hell, my street is named after the two 'explorers') and the horrific lack of accurate information about what really happened and what kind of people those two really were, especially after, as a 40-something, JUST learning about the slave York's role in the expedition and the 'softening' of his story to accommodate the whitewashed version of history.

The other two have been on my shelf for at least a year and I'm pretty stoked. Husband wants to steal away the Constitution book to read himself first, but he's on a different reading project, and I'm eager to get into some fiction (even though most of my bookshelf is nonfiction). There are more, but I don't want to get too overwhelmed quite yet!

What's on your reading list for 2021??

PS - Everyone likes to know what's in each other's medicine cabinets, and I think bookshelves are not that different. Here's a slideshow peek at some of what my husband and I have hung onto over the years...

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