My Top 4 Dishes of the Week!

Chicken and Potato Curry. Sounds basic, right? This recipe is from my new favorite cookbook, Hot Sour Salty Sweet: A Culinary Journey Through Southeast Asia, and is a Laotian curry that tastes way different than any I’ve had in the past, thanks to the combination of Thai chilies, lime leaves (our real estate agent gifted us a potted Thai (kaffir) lime when we moved out here, which now sits happily in our hothouse and I finally realized why it’s so great haha), shallots and fish sauce. When we got this book a couple of months ago, we realized that half the recipes seemed to ask for dried Thai chilies. And this y’all is not a chili pepper you want to sub with the ones you might use for Mexican or other Latin American recipes. Along with that, we live on the coast and are starving for options when it comes to international foods. But…a rescue came in the form of Pat’s Pantry, our little spice shop in town who ordered a bunch for us, and who we were able to order online from for curbside pickup. Rock on.


Lemon Poppyseed Muffins. Oh lordy these were soooo good. The secret? Take your average online recipe and cut the sugar in half (Did you know the average doughnut has less calories than a bakery muffin? I’ve always been grossed out at how muffins have been turned into sugary desserts instead of the beautiful breads they are!), then if you can get your hands on some preserved lemons (or make them for next to nothing, they store in the fridge forever it seems), mince them up and stir them into the batter. I believe it was 2.5 days it took for my husband and I to finish the dozen.

Big Salads. And oh my, the greens were going CRAZY in the garden this week, both butter lettuce and spinach, with the latter in its final harvest that just happened today as we had 77 degrees randomly happen to us during a normal mid-to-high 60’s coastal springtime week. So it became a “big salad” week for my lunches, which has honestly been just spectacular, as I loves me a big salad with goodies like blueberries, garbanzo beans, sunflower seeds, parmigiano, and whatever tasty other things I can find in the fridge, like the last bits of soppressata we cured or the leftover quinoa pilaf we made the other day. Big Salads are just plain awesome.


Breakfast Bagel Sammy. The best brekkie of the week most definitely was yesterday’s, where every ingredient literally was homemade in one way or another: from the sesame seed bagel to my fennel-cured salmon to the butter lettuce from the garden to a gorgeous fried duck egg from the flock…and for condiments, even a bit of homemade mayo and some of my rosemary mustard I made a few weeks back (PS – if you’ve never made homemade mustard, I highly recommend it – and it’s actually not hard at all! Here’s one of many recipes for herb mustard out there to check out!)

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